belly_flop A diver does a big windup, a huge jump with multiple flips in the air, and lands oh so gracefully. 400kb
biker7 This biker is at a competition of sorts and attempts a big jump, only to come up just a little too short. 1mb
breast_cancer This guy really does care about your breasts. He will gladly help you check them. 6.8mb
cannabis This commercial shows you a good reason why not smoke pot. Well, not to smoke pot and attempt anything with karate. 1.4mb
cob_triumph2 Triumph at the 2001 Westminster Dog Show. They actually allowed him to be there, didn't kick him out or anything. This one's a lot funnier than the first years. 73mb
fire_jump A short commercial showing you how money affects everything, even saving people's lives. 2.5mb
numb_nuts A very close up (and naked...) showing of why you shouldn't use a stungun on your nutsack. As if you didn't already know though. 3.8mb
psa_future A short Public Service Announcement about how one girl is going to get by, without having sex. This one might not be for all of us... 1.7mb
skater6 Oh boy does this rollerblader go down hard. He attempts a jump from a stair way, hits his feet, and hits the ground, really really hard. 1.6mb
snl_jeopardy3 Celebrity Jeopardy featuring Tom Cruise, Adam Sandler, and Sean Connery as the celebrities. Oh so good. 64mb
snl_jeopardy4 Celebrity Jeopardy with Robin Williams, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Sean Connery as the celebrities. This one is actually very recent. 71mb
snl_jeopardy5 Another Celebrity Jeopardy with Sean Connery, Keanu Reeves, and Hillary Swank as the contestants. Only a few more to go until I've got them all! 68mb
snl_minute One of David Spade's infamous Weekend Update Hollywood Minute sketches. This was his very last one, featuring a look back on past Hollywood Minutes. 47mb
the_loop This one's for all your Jackass fans. From a recent episode with Tony Hawk, they attempt to go through the up-side-down look skate ramp. Needless to say, they fall. Many times. This is really great. 40mb

                                                                                                    Older Videos
7up_blimp From the new batch of 7UP commercials. He talks about the new 7UP blimp, and watches it blow all over the place. 690kb
7up_football Ya know how when a football team wins a game, and they dump the Gatorade all over the coach? Well, he had the same idea... kinda. 1.3mb
7up_shelves See how the 7UP guy makes room on the stores shelves for all the 7UP cans. 2.3mb
7up_traffic This one is my favorite, with the shelves one being my second. He decides to put a 7UP machine in a "high traffic" area... 2.1mb
7up_yours This is the first one we saw of the new 7UP commercials, everyone's seen this one. "Make 7, Up Yours!" 2.3mb
after_marriage Odd animation that shows you what happens after you get married to a beautiful woman. 130kb
airplane_crash The pilot's just driving his plane around, but he doesn't see the car that he smashes into... 1mb
al_does_kelly Al Bundy does Kelly Bundy porn style! 680kb
alabama_man A South Park clip some guys made on the show for a new doll, Alabama Man! "Hit the action button and Alabama Man will bust her lip open!" 2.4mb
alcohol A fake educational film about alcohol, with people who don't really know what they're talking about. They list irrevelant facts and have great death scenes, this is really cool. 57mb
alien_song Really good CG video of an alien singing "I Will Survive". The disco ball brings it's death. 3.1mb
american_pie The original pie humping scene. It's different, he's on top of the pie on a table, instead of the pie on a counter. They probably cut this version out cuz it was too graphic or something. I think it would have been funnier. 1.4mb
andretti Michael Andretti is in a race, and one of his pit crew members doesn't quite make it out of the way in time. Watch the right side. 2.6mb
andy_kaufman Andy Kaufman's performance on the Johnny Carson Show of him playng the bongos and tap dancing. 5.5mb
andy_kaufman2 Andy Kaufman's entire original performance of Mighty Mouse from SNL. 22.4mb
arm_ladder A clip from a horribly cheesy action flick. This is so corny you can't help but laugh at its stupidity. 580kb
arm_thing Watch George do The Amazing Arm Thing! 570kb
arm_wrestle Two guys are wrestling, and one guy's arm can't quite take the pressure. SNAP! is a good word to use. 1.3mb
attitude A big dog pisses off a little dog, so the little dog gets him back in a cool way. 635kb
baby_spit A dad is playing with his baby holding him up above his head while laying on his back. Apparently it makes the baby a tad sick. 550kb
backdraft A couple of guys have nothin else to do but light their farts on fire and tape it. It sure is a large flame. 320kb
backup_plan AN E-Trade commercial about basketball, triumph, a dream, and dancing! 2.5mb
bad_day Surveilance footage of a man getting pissed at his computer and smashing the monitor off the desk with his keyboard. New larger version. 5mb
bad_luck This guy gets hit by two cars, both in different directions. I've been told that it is a clip taken from the movie "Meet Joe Black". 600kb
balloon_eater This is one talented porn star. But you've gotta wonder, what's she do with the balloons after she's swallowed them? 1.5mb
banana 4 people rent one of those floaty banana things to ride around in, too bad it likes to go ahead without them. 260kb
barbie Stop motion Barbie and Ken sex scene. A little suprise added in at the end, incase it wasn't funny enough. 560kb
bath_fart You're in a bath tub. You're drunk. What else could you possibly do? Fart bubbles! 530kb
basketball This is so cool. At the buzzer, court long shot, and he misses, but damn he sure hit the mark. Some wandering guy gets smacked in the head and taken down by the ball. 1.1mb
beach Father is burried in the sand asleep and his son decides to go pee on his face and wake him up. I think it was planned. 220kb
bed_farting A clip from the movie "Love Stinks" of a guy in bed with his wife, pissing her off by farting all over her. 1.5mb
beeper SmartBeep commercial about a blind date. "I felt it!" 4.2mb
beeper2 Another funny beeper commercial. I think beeper commercials are some of the best made. 4mb
beer The effects of beer in full force. 4.8mb
big_pick Man and son at backetball game. Man picks his nose. Man doesn't know cameras are on him. Man eats the booger. 300kb
bike_crash A crash during a motorcycle race. One guy hits the side, flies off, and another bike runs into his, throwing that guy too. Pretty painful. 2.6mb
bike_crash2 Another motorcycle crash, these guys look like normal people though. One guy comes up too fast one another guy, hits him from behind, and he goes flying. 820kb
bike_hit A van's driving down the street, and a guy on a motorcycle doesn't see him, and nearly smashes right into the van. He luckily fells over out of the way. 400kb
bike_jump A clip from a Street Biking competition where the rider doesn't quite pull off his trick quite as well as planned... 157kb
bike_race An angry fan decides to take things into his own hands when one racer shoves another racer. I bet the guy who shoved the other guy was pretty scared when this happened. 1.8mb
bike_slide This guy in a motorcycle race flies off his bike, slides on the asphalt, onto grass, through a sign, and finally stops after the bike's trashed. 1.2mb
bike_sounds Some almost funny guy doing impressions of motorcycles that sound like their name. 4.4mb
biker1 Here's a woman who really shouldn't be riding a motorcycle, you'll see why. 540kb
biker2 Watch this kid try to go over a jump he made with his bike, needless to say, he lands hard. 1.1mb
biker3 Another dumb ass person who shouldn't be allowed to ride a bike. 1.3mb
biker4 Some guy is in a motorcycle race, and he falls, and tumbles. And tumbles. And tumbles. 1.2mb
biker5 Some biker guy trying to do a backflip off a dirt ramp, and naturally, he falls hard. 1.2mb
biker6 This guy tried to do a bunny hop down the side of a hill, but he didn't land it too well. He hits pretty hard. 1.4mb
bill_gates Bill Gates get creamed witha pie while walking around. You gotta feel kinda bad for him. 725kb
billy Computer Generated movie about a dying rat named Billy and how his other rat friends get pay back. 1.8mb
bird_bath A bird is on a glass filled with juice or something and it falls in, and starts kicking like hell to get out. It's really funny looking, cuz the bird is making the same leg motion as a bikerider, its cool. 1.3mb
birth A commercial for a self defense class with the baby fighting the doctor back after getting slapped on the butt. 537kb
blowd_up An Etrade commercial with a really cool movie in it. Man, I wanna see Blow'd Up! 3.9mb
boat_drop This certainly is not the way to get off a boat. 645kb
boob_boxing Some girl starts beating some guys head with her boobs, it's really weird cuz it looks like it might hurt. Both of them. And the guy too. 1.3mb
bowling An NHL commercial with a bowling scene. Why can't we have full contact bowling? 1.3mb
brak_coffee Brak from Space Ghost talks about why he doesn't drink coffee. 3.5mb
brak_monkey This time, Brak talks about how he cheated in school by buying a monkey to take notes for him. 3.9mb
branded A guy tries to brand his horses ass, and the horse doesn't like it, so... BAM, he gets kicked off screen. 800kb
bridge_jump This person was going to jump off a bridge into some water for fun. Thrilling, and not high enough to kill her or anything. But gees, she really should have tried harder, cuz she lands right on her back. Ouch. 550kb
bud_accent The lizards make fun of the ferrett and his awesome language. 2.2mb
bud_fired The frogs and lizards discuss getting fired, and the second lizard gives a pretty good point at the end. 5.3mb
bud_mouse One of my favorite Budweiser commercials. There's a catapulting mouse with goggles on, what else do you need? 740kb
bud_nude This is my all time favorite Budweiser Frogs/Lizards/Ferrett commercial. In this one, the ferrett poses nude for nudie magazines and you get to see the pictures! 4.1mb
budweiser Budweiser commercial with the lizards and a farret singing together. 5.1mb
bungee Just a typical bungee jump, except the worse happens. The cord snaps, and he fails straight down. Luckily, he did it over a pool, so he just falls into the water. 690kb
bus_dodge A guy runs into the street, ducks down, and a bus goes right over him, without touching him. It looks very real, but I'm still not sure if it really is. 3.2mb
camera Commercial for an underwater camera. Nerd takes pictures of girls with their bikini bottoms off but they dont know hes got a camera. 1.3mb
camera2 A commercial with two guys who have some fun with an old woman's camera while she's asleep. 2.4mb
camera3 Foreign commercial for a new camera. It's got a really powerful zoom lense, as you can clearly see. Just a tad erotic. 1.2mb
canadian A commercial with some canadian guy trying to prove to the world that Canada doesn't suck. I think he only worsened it. 2.2mb
cannes_porn A segment from a foreign show called "Da Ali G Show". He goes to a porn convention type thing, and interviews people. He's British, so it's funny hearing him say things like "muff". This is pretty cool. 38mb
cat_attack A little 2 year old kid is taking a stroll around the backyard, but the house cat has another idea. Watch the surprise attack on the kid. 690kb
cat_fight Watch two cats go at it. The smaller one waves his paws all over at a bigger cat, who gets fed up of it and dives onto him. Really funny. 1.7mb
cat_food This french commercial shows you how great cats are, and why you should use their brand cat food. Well, except it makes them do a few strange things... 6.2mb
cat_herders A commercial where instead of herding horses, they're herding thousands of cats. It's so funny looking. 3mb
cat_jump A cat gets stuck way up on a high pole for a while, so the firemen are called. He jumps off, like 20 feet down onto the ground. It's leap is huge! 2.1mb
cat_wall What do cats do when they get scared? Why, they leap off a bed and smash into a nearby wall. 820kb
church Some church guy is standing witha candle and lights hid hair on fire. Looks like something from America's Funniest Home Videos. 453kb
clapper.mpg This is so weird. It's some hugely fat woman showing you that she can clap without using her hands... 2.6mb
clinton Good ol' Clinton giving a speech, while recieving something himself. 220kb
clinton_game Even though I'm very sick of Clinton humor, I still put this one up. It's a video game that Clinton is playing in his free time. 3.8mb
cob_andy_int Andy Richter has a fake interview with Barbara Walters about his afair with Bill Clinton. 8.3mb
cob_arnold Conan and Andy talk to Fake Arnold through a TV monitor. 3.3mb
cob_arnold2 Real Arnold this time, and he makes fun of Conan really badly. 6.2mb
cob_card Conan shows off a fake new Christmas card with Britney Spears in it. 1.1mb
cob_clinton Conan talks to Fake Clinton like he did with Arnold. 930kb
cob_counting Conan shows off the new channel devoted to Dave Counting. 1.4mb
cob_driving Conan and Andy go driving around with their desk, and throw holes at each other. 2.1mb
cob_hair Conan shows off what his hair can do. 660kb
cob_humped Andy Dick is a guest on the show, and quote a few things come out and start humping him for no reason. 4.1mb
cob_mated Conan's infamous segment called "If They Mated". This one has Robert de Niro and Diana Ross. Prepare yourself for the after effects. 1.4mb
cob_quayle Conan makes fun of Dan Quayle in his opening monologue. 1mb
cob_resort A perfect example of one reason the Conan O'Brien show is so cool. He always makes fun of the crappy skits they do, and this one was terrible. He really bags on it. 2.6mb
cob_roseanne Tom Arnold and David Cross are guests on that nights show, and some really disgusting stuff gets said about Tom Arnold's ex-wife, Roseanne Barr. 5mb
cob_school Conan talking about when he was in high school, and shows a picture of himself. 2mb
cob_seigfried Conan shows off his new transition animation, which includes Seigfried & Roy. 1.3mb
cob_seinfeld An exclusive tape of special Seinfeld auditions done by foreign people. 6.4mb
cob_song The Conan Song! 1mb
cob_staring A clip from the infamous staring contests Conan and Andy have. This is really funny. 1.2mb
cob_stewart John Stewart is a guest on the show, and he does his terrible Clinton inpression. 870kb
cob_stone_cold Stone Cold is a guest on the show, and he reads some pretty poetry for the audience. 4.1mb
cob_tmyk Max Weinberg doing his own short "The More You Know" NBC thing. 2.4mb
cob_triumph1 A six minute long video of one of the greatest things to ever come out of Conan O'Brien's show. It's Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. He visits a dog show, and I'm sure you fans out there can figure out the rest. 62.4mb
cob_ventura Conan talks to Fake Jesse Ventura. This is really funny. 8.6mb
cob_wrecking One of the cheesiest things Conan has done, a wrecking ball hits Andy. 370kb
cpu_plane Footage of the first computer flown airplane. Apparently, the skies aren't quite ready for non-human flights. 980kb
crocodile Man was this guy asking for what he got. Performer puts his head in a crocodile's mouth and gee, guess what happens? (not gory) 1.3mb
cycle_spin This guy is riding his motorcycle and it starts spinning. He falls off, and it still spins. He stands in awe, wondering how to stop it. 820kb
daddy_drank An entire Kids In The Hall sketch called "Daddy Drank". Kids In The Hall is some of the best sketch comedy ever, and this is no exception. 7.4mb
dan_quayle A collection is some stupid things Dan Quayle has said in public. Man he's a moron. 5.1mb
dave_grohl The lead singer of Foo Fighters is in this little movie. He's obviously drunk and bragging about how he was in Nirvana. 3.4mb
denture This lady sure has some denture talent! She spins them around, flips them around, then does that famous face smash thing. 790kb
dicht A foreign commercial for beer which this really drunk guy wandering around getting into trouble. 1.5mb
dick_ad A commercial for a radio station. There's a dick, and it starts moving to the beat and then starts singing along with the music! 4.1mb
diet This is certainly not the right way to diet. Man,this would really mess up your plumbing. 153kb
diet_coke A parody of that old "Diet Coke Break" commercial. This one is better. 1.1mb
dildo Wonderful promo for dildos, hilarious also. Fans of Ren & Stimpy will appreciate this even more. 5.4mb
dive This diver makes the best (and probably most painful) dive of his life. The THX theme in the background fits well. 560kb
donkey This horny donkey starts chasing a guy trying to hump him. You gotta feel really bad for the guy, he can't get away from it. 2.6mb
door_humper A woman, who works at a store, went in the back and thinking no one is around, starts trying to hump a door! Although, the security camera sees it. 3.7mb
dreamcast Japanese Dreamcast commercial. Wow, the Japanese have really weird commercials! 1.1mb
drivers_test A fake clip of a kid taking his drivers test, with the instructor getting a tad mad. He punches him and hits his head on the steering wheel! 760kb
dutchtone Dutchtone is some European phone company, and this commercial has Leslie Neilsen (the guy from the Naked Gun movies) in it. It's kinda corny, but cool. 4.6mb
electrocute Practical joke. The guy on the right is weird, he hits the other guy with a banana. 660kb
elephant1 Poor elephant cage cleaner. He gets his head stuck in an elephant's ass. Close-up and all. 677kb
elephant2 Watch an elephant reach into another elephants ass and eat what he pulls out! 260kb
elephant_hit Don't piss off an elephant, or else he'll knock your ass over with his head. 1.1mb
elmo_tigger Tickle-Me-Elmo and a Talking Tigger go at it! Tigger's on top with Elmo laughing away underneath. 885kb
epileptic_xmas This is the coolest use of Christmas lights ever. Nothing even compares to this, and man I wanna do this to my own house. These guys had a great idea. 22.6mb
espn_buddy An ESPN commercial showing how kind the player are by adopting Little Buddies. 1.6mb
espn_phrases ESPN explains all their fancy catch phrases and how they come up with them. They also show you some new good ones. 960kb
exam This isn't exactly funny, but I really liked it. Some guy makes a snobbish teacher look like an idiot. 1.7mb
eye_pop Clip of two people who can pop their eyes out, then suck them back in. Could you imagine just sitting there, and all the sudden that happened to you? That's how they learned they could do it. 1.7mb
fallos Some European country made a chocolate popcicle in the shape of the male anatomy, and of course, the commercial is of a girl having a great time with it. 6.9mb
fg_3pigs Family Guy clip of Peter telling Chris a story about The 3 Little Pigs. 680kb
fg_alright Quagmire teaches Chris how to be a man, and how to hit on girls. 4.1mb
fg_birth Stewie telling his story about his birth. 900kb
fg_dont_move Brian tells Stewie not to move, and Stewie goes nuts. 390kb
fg_drunk Stewie is drunk, and he talks to a woman named Misty. 900kb
fg_feeding A clip from The Family Guy when Peter decides to breast feed Stewie. His reaction is more than priceless. 5.7mb
fg_god Stewie talks about God and how he loves him. 260kb
fg_gunshy Peter flashbacks to why he can't change Stewie's diapers any more. 230kb
fg_hanson Peter remembers when the group Hanson came to town... 400kb
fg_matrix Chris meeting Kate Moss for the first time ever. Apparenty he didn't know she's quite thin. 1.3mb
fg_mintos Family Guy's version of a Mentos commercial, with Abe Lincoln and John Wilkes Boothe. 1.2mb
fg_mocking While Stewie is planning out a mission to rid the world of broccoli, a piece of some mocks him from afar. 401kb
fg_news1 When the News Station dies, the anchors have a little fun... 660kb
fg_news2 And they have a little more fun later on too. 460kb
fg_poop Stewie wonders when he will get his diaper changed... 180kb
fg_sperm Stewie tells you the story of how he came to be conceived, with all the glory. 2.5mb
flare A fire eater guy puts the fire behind him, and it stays lit while shooting out his ass! 120kb
flat_eric European Levi's commercial with Flat Eric! Man, I love him, coolest puppet there is. 1.1mb
flat_eric2 More Flat Eric! What else could you ask for? 1.8mb
flying_boat1 Watch as a hydrofoil goes a little too fast and catches itself some air. Nice landing. 725kb
flying_boat2 Here's another flying boat, except this one seems to land even harder. Watch the nose go flying off. 690kb
foley_is_god The huge 20 foot fall Mick Foley (Mankind) took during a WWF Hell In A Cell match. This match proved there was pain in wrestling. 170kb
football A dad and his son are playing with the football, and the kid gets smashed right in the face with the ball! 447kb
gods_will Someone put fart sounds to correspond with this televangelists facial expressions. 2mb
gods_will2 Part 2 of the God's Will series. This one is even better than the first one, and has a much larger resolution! 17.5mb
golf Commercial for Heineken beer, even though it's got almost nothing to do with it. I love when he hits the 40's airplane. 4mb
great_catch This is why horrible tee ball played by 12 yr olds is so cool. 1.4mb
gynmastics1 Gymnast runs full speed for a huge jump over the pommel-horse, slips, and smashes straight into it chest first. He has a look of pain on his face. 691kb
gymnastics2 A gymnastics mishap. These are so cool. Some guy is swinging on a bar and flips off, comes down on the bar, and bounces right off. 481kb
gymnastics3 This gymnastics girl is on the beam, about ready to do her dismount. And boy what a dismount! 840kb
gymnastics4 Well, in this gymnastics mess up, a guy is on the parrallel bars, falls through, and gees he smashes his face hard. I love these! 510kb
gymnastics5 Yep, another great gymnastics video. In this one, there's a line of people jumping over a horse, one catches on it and all the other pile on top. Great stuff. 1.1mb
hare A rabbit runs on a race track, gets hit by a car, and explodes. Kinda graphic. 200kb
hammer_throw A olympic hopeful is practicing for his hammer throw. He starts up, gets completely dizzy and throws it into the net, falling over hard. 610kb
hell_furby The Furby from hell! Really small resolution, make it double sized. 2.1mb
horse_ass Now watch a man get his head stuck in a horse's ass! 75kb
horse_jump The jocky is riding his horse, heading for the next jump. The horse doesn't quite make it over, and the jockey goes down hard. 510kb
ibrator Ahh.. the well known iBrator. Very well done and very very funny mockery of the iMac commercials. 1.1mb
ice_skating1 Couples figure skating accident #1 230kb
ice_skating2 Couples figure skating accident #2 88kb
ice_skating3 Gee, can you guess? Here's #3. 270kb
indy_crash A very small spinout by an indy car driver. He's sitting there, glad everything's ok, and then another indy goes right on top of his car. Bet he was scared. 1.1mb
jackass Yup, from the TV Show Jackass. Johnny Knoxville gets hit by a car. 750kb
japan_shows A bunch of clips put together showcasing Japanese television. And believe me, this isn't even the weird stuff. 8.7mb
jogger A Commercial for an energy bar with a small misunderstandingthat has huge results. Why name your energy bar "JAPP"? 2mb
japp2 A second commercial for the Japp energy bar. This time, he plays a canrival game, and inadvertently hits somebody's pet! 2.1mb
javelin Beavis and Butthead clip. Beavis gets hit in the hand by a javelin, only to laugh at it. 1.6mb
javelin2 A clip from a javelin event where this girl isn't quite so good at throwing it. She sorta falls, and it sorta looks like it hurt a lot. 580kb
jesus_preview Jesus is back and kicking some ass in his new action movie, "Not Without My Savior". Also known as "Dial J For Jesus". 2.6mb
karate An old man attempts to smash blocks with his forehead, but doesn't do such a great job at it. 820kb
kayak This guy tries to go off a diving board in a kayak. Like anyone with a brain would suspect, it doesn't go as well as planned. 1.1mb
keg Some guys are rolling a keg along to a party probably, and they try to take it over something in the way. It falls hard, cracks open, spraying beer everywhere. 1.1mb
kick I wonder what made the guy do this to the other guy. I feel bad for him. 626kb
kidstoned When your kids become too much to handle, give them a Kidstoned brand chewable Valium. They'll be out in no time! 2mb
kith_bunnies The "Bunnies" Kids In The Hall sketch. If you're a KITH fan, then you've seen this before. If you're not a KITH fan, you won't like it. I love it. 14.9mb
kith_newguy Another Kids In The Hall sketch about the new guy who keeps hitting on a married woman. 14.2mb
kith_no_english A Kids In The Hall sketch. Dave Foley can't speak English, and he really does not-speak it well. KITH fans should get this. 8.2mb
kith_plane Kids In The Hall sketch about a very distraught pilot who doesn't want to fly the plane. 16.7mb
late_start You'd think that when you're in a race, you would pay attention to the starter gun, huh? Well, this guy sure doesn't, and looks pissed. 680kb
learn_english Foreign commercial to learn english. Nice song on the radio. 8.2mb
levis_blind European Levis commercial that has a woman changing, and a blind man. Or is he? 4.5mb
look_first A man getting hit by a car. I think it's a failed stunt. It looks very real, but kinda suspicious. 2.9mb
lookin_good An average looking woman riding a bus can't seem to figure out why so many guys are staring at her and throwing her looks. 4.5mb
loser Man, this guy is a loser. They used the Flat Eric music to back this guy showcase his "talent". 1.2mb
lynx Commercial for a foreign cologne called Lynx. It's really funny, it has all these girls saying pretty much any and everything a guy would ever want to hear. It's funny cuz it's things no woman would ever say. 7.5mb
mad_cat A domestic cat on a tv pet show goes nuts. 3.9mb
mad_spears The TV show Mad TV's parody of a Britney Spears song. 16.5mb
matrix_fart A collection of Matrix scenes with some added farts for your enjoyment. Pretty well done, good use of dialog also. 2.2mb
maya_bugs Commercial for some laundry detergent. I'm not sure if it's a real commercial or not. The two guys in the backgrounds are funny. 4.8mb
mega_ride Footage of a few kids going on a huge slingshot type ride. They both have really odd expressions, you can't tell if they are even enjoying the ride. The kid on the left's expressions are priceless. 4.7mb
michelob Michelob beer commercial. White sexy lingerie + suprise party = bad thing when dad is there. 4.7mb
miller_twist Miller Time commercial. Twist To Open. 590kb
miller_wrestle Miller Lite does a spoof on professional wrestling. 2.8mb
monkey1 Watch a monkey pick his ass, sniff it, faint, and fall out of the tree! (This is Bob Saget's favorite Home Video, though never aired.) 3mb
monkey2 When a monkey is thirsty, he's thirsty. Watch him reach for the closest thing to drink from. 936kb
monkey_kick Don't piss off a monkey. If you do, watch out, cuz you've got yourself a kick coming your way. 4.8mb
monkey_laugh This is kinda weird, but funny. There's a monkey (who doesn't love monkeys?) and a puppy. The monkey starts feeling around the puppies groin, then falls over laughing at the puppy. Weird monkey comedy, what can I say? 2.4mb
mr_bean Clip from the movie "Bean" of Mr. Bean messing around with a hand dryer in a bathroom. Mr. Bean rules. 1mb
new_glasses Commercial for an eye glasses store featuring a stripper and his client needs a new perscription to see "little him". 1.4mb
nigga_please Very well done commercial from the Chris Rock Show. Don't watch if you're sensitive to racist comments. 4.1mb
outhouse An outhouse gets knocked over with a man in it. He falls out all grimmy lookin and wet. 1.1mb
outpost_gerbil The infamous commercial with gerbils being shot out of a cannon through a hole in the wall. 10.4mb
outpost_rhino Second wave of commercials. Best of the three released, and the only one on here, cuz the others were ass. 7.8mb
outpost_tattoo Took me over a year to find this one. This one is hilarious, better than the wolves, but not as good as the gerbils. Fat tattoo guy puts tattoos on a kindergarten classes foreheads. 2mb
outpost_wolves commercial with wolves attacking a high school marching band. 11.6mb
parachute Some people go skydiving naked. One guy's dick is flapping all over the place. 4.1mb
paradise_escort Some guys get so lonely, they'd do anything to look at a girl, and this guy goes one step too far... 4.6mb
parasailing Hah.. this lady sure didn't have a good time parasailing! 1.2mb
pepsi A pierced Pepsi drinker finds love, aww.. 4.3mb
pets_bribes commercial. This is one of my favorites. His bribes are hilarious, "I'll give you 3 dollars." "Huh?" "thrrre-FOUR dollars!" 730kb
pets_christmas "What is it? What is it? What is it Iguana!?" "... the horror..." Heh, this one is the best probably. 2.5mb
pets_city Another commercial, with the sock puppet going all over the place. Has some footage from past commercials in it. 2.4mb
pets_delivery The sock goes along with the delivery man to make his delivery, and of course, does his sock-y things. I love him. 2.2mb
pets_park The Sock at a park for pets. This one is ok, not too great, but still, it's a commercial, so it's good. 2.2mb
pets_dont_go The sock sings a song to all the lonely animals out there, touching song too. 2.5mb
pets_tabby He tries to convince a tabby cat to let him in the house by offering him free stuff. I should get paid for all this advertising huh? 720kb
plane_suck A guy gets sucked into a jet engine and blown out the back in a blast of fire. Watch it closely. Not graphic. 340kb
play_ball A couple up in the nosebleeds at a baseball game were caught on tape having sex. Kinda funny to watch them struggle. No nudity. 3.1mb
pole_vault A pole vaulter does his thing, but something not quite normal happens. It goes by real quick, but there's a slomo replay, watch very closely to what happens. 1.5mb
pool_jump This guy decides to tape himself jumping his pool. Well, one leg makes it, the other doesnt, and inbetween gets smashed. 638kb
porky Porky the Pig in an old cartoon cussing. It actually looks real, like the Warner Bros. animators got drunk one night and had some fun :) 480kb
princess A little girl princess is walking around her land and loving the way things are, finds a frog and makes a prince. The prince just likes beer. 1.8mb
race_crash A large race is taking place, and one car looses it. Then another car does. Pretty soon, every car has crashed. There's wheels all over the place. I've heard this is over a million dollars in damage. 1.5mb
race_fire While refueling a race car, the fuel guy accidentally sprays the car, and it blows up in flames! The pit crew goes running from the flames, while the driver is still inside! 1.1mb
raiders Clip from the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark". It's when Indiana Jones doesn't really wanna fight the guy with the big sword. 660kb
rally Car race rally and a car goes off the road into a crowd and takes some guy with him. Man he got hit hard. 1mb
rhino Video clip made of a rhino getting happy with the back of an SUV. This is just too funny, where else could you see a rhino hump an SUV? 840kb
rhino_stunt A rhino's trying to get his grove on with a female rhino and accidentally falls off her. Animals make dumb sex mistakes too! 160kb
robin_hood Hard to explain, you've had to have seen the animated Disney Robin Hood cartoon to get it. I'm clueless as to why that guy leaps out the window. 2.3mb
rowan_hell A scene from one of Rowan Atkinson's (he plays Mr. Bean) stand-up specials. It's his rendition of Hell. 7.8mb
salmon An awesome commercial for Red Salmon. Come, watch someone pick a fight with a wild bear. The bear fights back rather well... 9.2mb
school_bus Surveillance footage taken on a bus. It goes over some huge bump and a kid on the right right in the back goes flying, hits the roof, and lands in the aisle. 780kb
security An ESPN commercial for raised security. Actually, a hockey player would make a good security officer. 950kb
senator I can't tell if this is real or not. Well, a senator is at a podium, pulls his pants down, and starts beating off in front of the whole audience, it's actually pretty funny. 550kb
sex_sense A Jay Leno parody of "The Sixth Sense" taken right from the show, and of course, it's about Clinton. This is hilarious. 7.6mb
sex_toy_story This is from MADTV. Their parody of Toy Story, by making it about Sex Toys, and not real toys. It's really funny, especially the blow up doll's mouth. 3.3mb
shadow_puppets This guy is the god of shadow puppets. There isn't anything he can't do. 1.1mb
shake_it_up Commercial for some juice, where this guy shakes up he jiuce before he buys it, but it sure doesn't look like hes shaking the juice. 1mb
sheep Watch a sheep run full speed into a wall head first! And he bounces back! 673kb
shin During a soccer game, two guys go after the ball. One guy kicks, hits the back of the other guy's shin, and crack! His shin splits in half! If you're squimish, don't watch this one. 1.3mb
shotgun Watch a guy who has never shot a shotgun before learn how powerful they are, while the kickback throws him back into a chair. He seemed a tad shocked by it. 2.2mb
shovel_head Two kids, one has a shovel, and the other gets it on the head. People seem to really like this one. Imagine if he swung it like a bat... 274kb
shower_pot Man, you've gotta be a really hardcore pot smoker to use this. Every wanted to smoke in the shower? Well, now you can! 3.6mb
simp_bath Homer sings a little song in his bath tub and streaks across the house. 740kb
simp_bowling Simpson's clip of them saying their motivational bowling chant. 1.9mb
simp_crazy No tv and no beer make Homer something something something... 6.6mb
simp_detector Clip from The Simpsons. Molder and Scully are giving Homer a lie detector test. 370kb
simp_flintstone Homer doing his Fred Flintstone impression at the very beginning of one of the episodes. 1.8mb
simp_halloween An introduction to a Simpsons Halloween special. 4.6mb
simp_remote Homer picks a good time to ask where the the remote is. 870kb
simp_sex_ed Bart and his class learn about puberty and sex. What Mrs. Krabappel says at the end is the best part. 5.1mb
simp_slow Homer is just a little slow to catch on to things... 630kb
simp_sparkle Simpsons fans everywhere know exactly what this clip is, and it is one of the things to ever come from The Simpsons. It's the amazing Mr. Sparkle video that Homer got, which tells them all about the product, Mr. Sparkle! 11.4mb
simp_thompson Homer's briefing for his new name when he has to join the Witness Protection Program. 2.3mb
simp_wang You gotta love what Martin's shirt says! 1.2mb
skater The only good thing to come out of skating; watching them fall. This guy messes up his leg really weird like. 1.5mb
skater2 Another skating clip. He's going to jump a fire hydrant, but doesn't even get the jump off, and smashes his knee into it. 350kb
skater3 A quick skater fall, but he hurts himself badly. It's hard to see in normal speed, wait until the slow motion, then you'll see his pain. 1.6mb
skater4 A huge skater fall. The guy tries to jump off from a fire escape but catches his feet. His head must have hurt real bad after this one. 480kb
skater5 Another skater failing at a trick. This one slips while grinding and hits the back of his neck really hard. 260kb
ski_jump Another moron hurts himself trying to do something cool. 840kb
skimboard Anyone who's used a boogie board or skim board has had this happen to them, it's just so much more funny when it happens to someone else! 790kb
snl_bassomatic The old SNL sketch by Dan Aykroyd, one of his most famous sketches. He's selling the Bass'o'matic, your all purpose bass blender! 2.8mb
snl_benet Chris Farley's sketch as Benet Brower, the "finger" "quotes" "guy". 12.5mb
snl_boobs A Sarah Michelle Gellar sketch for Holding Your Own Boobs Magazine. For those of you with SMG crushes, you see her almost topless. You get to see Will Farrel's boobs too. 13.3mb
snl_britney1 Britney Spears' performance on SNL. This is her opening monologue. 10mb
snl_britney2 Britney in the Morning Latte sketch with Will Farrell and Cheri Oteri. 72mb
snl_britney3 Britney playing a Milk Maid in that sketch with Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch from the POV of a camcorder. 50mb
snl_bug_off A commercial for Bug Off. "Sure it won't kill the roach, but it'll sure give them something to think about!" 2.8mb
snl_buhbye One of David Spade's most famous sketches. Him and Helen Hunt are flight attendants, wishing everyone a very happy and safe trip off the plane. Buhbye. 8.3mb
snl_canis Saturday Night Live commercial for Canis, the cologne for dogs. 4.9mb
snl_chia_head SNL commercial for hair regrowth. Don't use rogaine or any of those other thing that don't work. Use Chia Head. 15mb
snl_chipndale Any good SNL fan knows exactly what sketch this is. Yep, it's Chris Farley's Chippendale audition sketch. Him and Patrick Swayze audition for a job at the Chippendales club. 20mb
snl_cluckin An SNL commercial for Cluckin Chicken. The cartoon chicken shows you the whole process of how the chicken is made, which is just so appetizing. 13.7mb
snl_coffee_talk Mike Meyer's famous Barbara Striesand loving talk show sketch. He's Linda Richmond, and I think she's feeling a little verklempt. 2.8mb
snl_diana This sketch is so wrong. If it was done after she died, it would have been in the news no doubt. It's a parody of Princess Diana doing an interview. They totally destroyed her in this, but god damn I laughed hard. This is definately worth getting. 30mb
snl_duo1 The Ambiguously Gay Duo cartoon from SNL. In this one, Big Head is trying to poison the water supply. 7.1mb
snl_duo2 In this one, some alien girl is going to try and seduce them and then destroy Ace and Gary. 9.4mb
snl_duo3 Ace and Gary's special on safety. "You'll all be happy and gay if you follow our tips!" 7.1mb
snl_duo4 Some space bugs kidnap Santa in order to lure Ace and Gary in to destroy them. 8.6mb
snl_duo5 This is the episode with the giant ice creature, that they run into with their car. 8.1mb
snl_duo6 Letters to Ace and Gary's fan club, answered by the Duo. 2.7mb
snl_el_nino Chris Farley is doing an impression, I guess you could say, of El Nino. Well, except that he doesn't quite know all he wishes he did. 3.3mb
snl_farley_show The Chris Farley Show, with Paul McCartney as the guest. Another very infamous Farley sketch. 25.2mb
snl_foley Finally got it! It's the entire SNL Matt Foley sketch with David Spade and Christina Applegate. This is one of the best Chris Farley sketches ever. Watch David and Christina, you can see them holding back laughter the whole time. 45.3mb
snl_gravy Commercial for Crystal Gravy, the gravy you can see through. I don't know what it is about it, but man that stuff is nasty looking. 4.5mb
snl_hans_frans And of course, Hans and Frans. The two European body builders, who're here to pump *clap* you up! 4.8mb
snl_homeboy The Princess and the Homeboy. Probably the SNL sketch that they cuss the most in. 14.5mb
snl_jaws A shark is trying to get into a woman's house to eat her, but she won't let him in. So he tries many different ways. It's really stupid, but damn it's funny. 4.1mb
snl_jeopardy A full episode of SNL Celebrity Jeopardy. In my opinion, this is one of the best ones that they made. This skit idea alone is too good. 9mb
snl_jeopardy2 Celebrity Jeopardy with Sean Connercy, Minnie Driver, and Jeff Goldbloom, with David Ducovny as the guest. 24mb
snl_julia_child Dan Aykroyd's famous impression of Julia Child. She's just cooking along, and cuts herself, and it's a gusher! 3.7mb
snl_miller_bday For Dennis Miller's SNL anniversary, he had himself wish himself a happy birthday. Dana Carvy does a good impression. 4.6mb
snl_ozzy "Just enjoy the ozzy, and keep your mouth shut." A really funny recent SNL sketch, pretty well known too. 28mb
snl_rabbitskin A Weekend Update sketch with Dana Carvey acting like an old man talking about condoms. 1.9mb
snl_recrute A ton of famous SNL characters from the early 90's time all singing a song about world peace. There's Wayne, Stewart Smally, Frans, Frankenstein, Pat, The Super Fans, all them. 4.8mb
snl_roxbury The more than just famous sketch with the Roxbury brothers, club hopping. This one has Jim Carrey in it also. Probably one of the better ones made. 35mb
snl_sandler1 Adam Sandler singing a song about when he was a kid and Santa didn't give him what he wants. 400kb
snl_sandler2 Adam singing a song about how much he loves his mom, and what she's done for him over the years. It's during a weekend update. 1.5mb
snl_schimmer Sketch with Dan Aykroyd and Gilda Radner. New Schimmer is a floor wax, and desert topping! 3.1mb
snl_schmitz Another SNL commercial, this time for the beer for gays. If you like beer, and you're gay, then you'll love Schmitz Gay. 5.6mb
snl_seinfeld An SNL sketch with Jerry Seinfeld in the HBO prison show OZ. This is so good, lots of black guys being around an uptight jewish guy, it's really funny. 49mb
snl_simpson Sketch making fun of OJ Simpson and the trial. This is really good. 940kb
snl_smg_spears Sarah Michelle Gellar as Britney Spears right after the breast inlargement rumor came out. A good Eminem impersonation also. 16mb
star_wars_snl An SNL sketch starring Kevin Spacy. Premise is other actors auditioning for a role in Star Wars. This is such a great sketch. 12mb
snl_swill The SNL commercial for Swill Mineral Water. Looks tasty! 5mb
snl_waynes The Wayne's World when Madonna guest starred in Wayne's flashback. 7.3mb
snl_weed I'd never seen this before until I downloaded it. It's really funny, Rob Schieder is the main character. "You can put your weed in there!" 1.8mb
snl_zagats An old man, his wife, and her friend review different resturants in a Zagat's Guide. Features David Duchovny in drag. 53.7mb
snow_mobile Snow mobile race, and there is a jump. One guy is already past the jump, another guy takes the jump and I'm sure you can guess where he lands. You get to see it from the bottom rider's point of view. 330kb
soccer Just a friendly game of soccer, until your teammate purposely kicks you right in the face. 260kb
soccer2 Watch an angry soccer player show his great kicking skills by nailing the refs head dead on. 1.2mb
soccer_fu Watch as a disgruntled soccer player accidentally takes another player down pretty impressively. 350kb
sony_asian A really funny fake Sony commercial with an Asian executive telling you why Asians do all the production and not Whites. It's really funny. 5mb
splode_soda It's Splode Soda! From that anti-smoking company, and even still it's a great commercial. This has "we hate Mountain Dew" written all over it. 3.3mb
squeegee A weird video of some guy getting back at one of those people who clean your mirror and ask for money. You could make some really nasty jokes about what he does to the guy... 730kb
stage_dive A guy gets onstage at a concert, leaps off to stage dive, and there isn't anyone there to catch him. Ouch. 2.3mb
stick_fight This one of the coolest things ever. It's a clip of stick figures fighting, done really well. Woulda been cooler if it was actually on paper. 1.4mb
stupid_dog Pet food commercial with a dog running full speed into a wall head first. Cat tricks him into it. 1.1mb
super_fart This guy forgot the rule about lighting your own farts on fire: don't leave your pants on, unless you want to peel them off your burnt ass cheeks. 840kb
super_heros A scene from Dr. Katz on Comedy Central. Dave Chapelle talks about how lame certain super heroes and their powers are. 11.3mb
suv The true 4x4 SUV. Watch it roll and roll. 820kb
sw_comm Star Wars commercial with an over zealous fan in the movie theater. Needless to say, he gets smacked. 4mb
tape Boy it would suck to be this guy. He's on the phone, someone runs up and tapes it to his head, with like packaging tape. I don't think it was fake, he looks really embarrassed. 1.4mb
tennis OUCH! Watch a tennis player break his ankle with this bad step. His foot goes completely up-side-down! 324kb
tennis2 Stand this close to someone hitting balls back, and of course you get hit in the face! 870kb
the_menu A commercial for with some kids eating at a resturant with some smelly menus. 970kb
tiger_woods Tiger Woods' Nike commercial with him bouncing the golf ball on his club. I know the end of it is computer generated, but it still looks damn cool. 3.8mb
tobasco Tabasco sauce commercial. Guy eats lots of tabasco, mosquito sucks his leg then flies away and explodes in the air. 1.1mb
toilet The laxative toilet scene from the movie "Dumb And Dumber". 2.4mb
train_girl Two people are gonna cross a railroad. The guy stops, the girl gets hit and flies at the camera very fast. 380kb
tree Some kid decides he's going to jump off his roof into a large tree, and fall all the way down. Stupid, but actually, looks pretty fun! 977kb
trooper_hit A state troper has pulled over a guy on the freeway, and a truck goes by, and the side view mirror smacks him across the back and flies off. Damn he looks startled. 320kb
truck_crash Police chase a pickup. While it's going through an intersection, a huge semi smashes it to pieces. 846kb
umbro A European commercial for Umbro soccer balls. This guy's girlfriend thinks some bad things about him... 4.1mb
underdaks Australian underwear commercial with a horny airport security woman. 3.4mb
vcr_flame Security camera footage of a VCR "repair man" doing his thing, and completely ruining a VCR by setting it on fire. 1.2mb
vera_demilo This one is for all you In Living Color fans, its a full great looking Vera De Milo sketch. This is one of Jim Carrey's most famous characters from that show. This is so hilarious. 23.9mb
viagra Commercial (fake?) for a Viagra enhanced product. Watch him to push ups with his penis! (no nudity) 400kb
wassup The real Budweiser commercial that the Wassup Super Friends thing was made from. I like the real one better, just cuz it's funny to see all the people really making the noises. 10.6mb
wassup2 The second wassup commercial from Budweiser, also called known as the wasabi wassup. This one is just as cool. 2.4mb
wassup_beers Some guy tried to make his own wassup from scratch, so he had some beer bottles talking. He gives up half way through cuz he sees how terrible it is. This is really good. 830kb
wassup_elian The extrememly infamous Elian Gonzales Wassup Flash movie. This is just incredible. 530kb
wassup_jewish The same old Wassup thing, except done with a bunch of Rabbi's and Jewish people. This one is actually pretty good. 4.1mb
wassup_toon This is a weird clip from The Superfriends on the Cartoon Network. They all act black, and say "wassup?!" really weird and funny. It's the cartoon parody of a Budweiser commercial. 1.9mb
wassup_vg A wassup parody with a bunch of Video Game characters doing all of it. Mario, Pikachu, a Sims guy, Duke Nukem and more. 2.2mb
wasted Another Etrade commercial with monkeys and drunk guys. They make really good commercials, I mean, they use monkeys! 2.1mb
waterslide This guy comes out of the waterslide tube rather weird. He's sliding out on the wall on his back. Looks like it might hurt. 680kb
wedding A foreign commercial for a cell phone, about a guy who gets married and finds out something rather shocking about his bride. 1.6mb
whale A very large whale decided one day, that he was going to beach himself and die on a shore. Well, the city didn't quite know how to handle it, so they thought they would blow it up with dynamite. Dumb decision in my opinion. 11.4mb
whore_house "This Old Whore House". A Bob Villa look-a-like helps repair someones whore house. 23mb
whose_line A game from the show Whose Line Is It Anyway? It's called Film Dub, with Ryan and Greg. It's really funny, especially if you already watch the show often. 7.3mb
win98_crash When Windows98 was first debuted at a convention for future release, it crashed. Here's the footage. Explain that one Mr. Gates. 1.7mb
wobble This motorcycle driver starts losing control, and his bike starts wobbling... a lot. 2.3mb
womens_mag A commercial for Women's Health magazine. A woman accidentally grabs the wrong thing out of her purse when her cell phone goes off... 1.7mb
wrestling A wrestler jumps off the top turnbuckle and lands very badly on his leg. The bone breaks and you get to see his leg hang limp at the break. 2.1mb
your_hacker This is great. It's a fake business video on how to work with your hacker, so that you can understand how he thinks. It's just so fake and dumb, you know corporations think it's real. 3.2mb